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Todo está en Madrid

Terms of use

Terms of use

Conditions of use of the e_commerce tools and coupons for the establishment

"Everything is in Madrid" is an institutional initiative of the Madrid City Council whose objective is to support SMEs in the commercial sector that develop in the city's commercial base. Its promoter is the General Directorate of Commerce and Hospitality of the Madrid City Council, therefore, there is no commission or economic benefit for the promoter.

Each trade tab has a space enabled to include pdf, downloadable as bonuses or offers and embed your own e_commerce or marketplace platforms.

1.- Downloadable PDF – Bonuses

The voucher creation tool of the Todo Está En Madrid platform is a technological development that the Madrid City Council makes available free of charge to the establishments attached to the web portal, to establish and create marketing campaigns in the form of coupons with different offers from their products.

The coupons offered by each of the participating establishments are designed, created and offered exclusively by each of the establishments that wish to make use of the technological tool, and have the character of a commercial contractual agreement between the offering business or establishment, and the customer who receives it, without the Madrid City Council or the company/s managing the platform having any connection with the campaign, its results or its economic or legal repercussions.

Therefore, the Madrid City Council, as well as the management company/s of the Todo Está En Madrid web platform, are not responsible for the campaigns created through the technology that provides the service or the products or services offered or acquired

If the establishment makes use of this service, once the user has downloaded the voucher on the website, they can redeem it directly at the establishment when they go to enjoy it, or by making an appointment (if that it is required), as long as it is specified in the instructions of the downloader.

In the cases in which the downloadables can be exchanged digitally, they will be exchanged on the website of each particular establishment. The conditions and delivery times for the product will depend on the latter.

In each the dates of the offers will be specified to enjoy the bonus in the establishment or make an appointment (if required).

Likewise, downloadables cannot be changed, substituted or exchanged for their economic value. The marketing, sale or auction of the same is also prohibited.

The user will have the description of each voucher offered by each of the affiliated establishments within the same establishment voucher.

2.- e_shop

Each establishment card has the possibility of using the platform to market its products, as long as all economic transactions are carried out outside the page, and it is correctly indicated that the purchase will be made in the store environment. .

3.- Commitment of the parties

3.1.- Commitment as a user

The user is responsible for using the downloadables or bonuses correctly as indicated in each situation.

To make it always redeem it, you must present the downloaded voucher at the corresponding establishment.

It is the responsibility of the user to find out about the conditions required for each specific case.

2.2.- Commitment as an affiliated establishment

Each affiliated establishment undertakes to provide the user with the benefits described in the voucher, as long as it is carried out in the aforementioned terms and within the established dates.

Any eventual conflict, claim or incident of any kind, which may arise between the user and the affiliated establishments, must be processed directly between the user and the establishment in a particular way in each case.

The promotions offered in each coupon campaign through the Todo Está En Madrid bonus technology tool must respect the law. Todo Está En Madrid reserves the right to cancel or freeze a campaign if there are indications or suspicions that it may not comply with current legislation.

4.- Reservations, limitations and liability

Madrid City Council is exempt from any responsibility in the event of an error in the data provided by the merchants that prevented the use of the voucher.

Madrid City Council reserves the right to exclude, without prior notice, all those people and all those establishments that make fraudulent use and contrary to good faith or if there is suspicion of incorrect handling of the data.

Madrid City Council reserves the right to take legal action against those establishments and/or people who carry out any type of act that could be considered manipulation or falsification of this commercial revitalization action.

Likewise, the Madrid City Council is not responsible for possible losses, deterioration, theft or any other attributable circumstance that may affect the enjoyment of the voucher.

The Madrid City Council exempts any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the temporary lack of availability or continuity of the products promoted and/or offered through which the affiliated establishments participate in the revitalization action, as well as to fraud or bad utility that users may have attributed to them.

The Madrid City Council reserves the right to interpret these legal bases, correct, rectify, as well as the right to postpone, temporarily suspend, repeat, cancel the promotion or extend the activation period of the commercial action. In any of these cases, the alterations produced will be communicated sufficiently in advance and publicized for general knowledge.

The Madrid City Council will not be responsible for incidents or damages of any kind that may arise during the management, development and execution of the promotion. The organizer will not be responsible for cases of force majeure that could prevent the winners from enjoying all or part of their prize.

The Madrid City Council is not responsible for any incident, accident, injury or any other circumstance that may occur to users while enjoying the prize. Likewise, the promoter does not assume expenses or amounts other than or not foreseen from those indicated that accrue for reasons of the trip, stay or any other nature. Nor will it be responsible for interruptions, disconnections, failures, errors or overload on the Internet, on the website where the legal bases of the promotional action will be hosted, software or hardware failures, bugs, hacker attacks, computer viruses, crashes or overloads. network, fall or overload of servers or internet providers, whether wireless or by cable of the promoter, alterations, maintenance, unauthorized interventions, fraud, technical failure, serious natural phenomena (including, but not limited to, electrical storm, flood, fire or earthquake). In the same terms, the Promoter does not assume any responsibility for: (i) any incorrect or inaccurate information that the establishment provides at the time of registration of its file. (ii) any incomplete, failed, confused, erroneous or disorderly electronic transmission related to the action; (ii) any human error, technical failure, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operations, or communication line failure, regardless of cause, in connection with any equipment, system, network, line, satellite, server , provider, computer used in any aspect of the operation of the contest; (iii) inaccessibility or unavailability of the internet or any subsequent combination; (iv) any harm or damage to the user's or any other person's computer or mobile device which may be related to, or which may be the result of, any attempt to participate in, or download material related to, the promotional action. of those attempts.

5.- Legal regime and competent jurisdiction

These Conditions, as well as any exchange of bonds carried out under them, will be subject to the provisions of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007, of November 16, which approves the consolidated text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users and other applicable regulations.

For any litigious issues that may arise between users and establishments, they submit to the jurisdiction of the civil courts and tribunals of Madrid.