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SIC MODA is a meeting and support place for designers who are committed to responsible, sustainable and soulful fashion, aware of its power to transform society and committed to Nature.


SIC MODA is made up of people and brands whose purpose is to promote the commitment to ethical and transparent design, as well as to encourage more and more projects that bet on sustainable fashion and establish these new values in an industry that until now has lived with his back to them.

What do we do? TO CREATE We create textile projects that develop the parameters of sustainability and the circular economy in their activity and we do so with transparency and coherence, minimizing their social and environmental impact under the principles of the Economy for the Common Good and the Triple Balance.

CONNECT We connect with all those national and international projects that work with our same values inside and outside the textile industry and also with those who are starting on the path towards a more sustainable society, promoting new models and relationships between businesses.

DIVULGE We are committed to bringing our way of working, and the many realities of the textile industry, to all corners where sustainability is still ignored, and we do so by training and informing different institutions and forums to reach as many people as possible.

Office hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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Ventura Rodríguez, 22

91 340 89 38